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Sensual ****** Melbourne

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所在城市:Melbourne 墨尔本
所在板块:[ 私钟援交 ]
电话:0412 003 003
微信:0412 003 003
地址:200 Spencer Street, Melbourne

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The Studio offers a tranquil luxurious oasis sensual ****** Melbourne for clients wanting to re-balance and reconnect with their own bodies. Rated first class by many Clients, it offers exceptionally clean bathroom facilities, complimentary light refreshments and a custom ****** table. Once you arrive, you are greeted with a relaxing tranquil environment, a perfect place to unwind and escape your busy schedule for some first-class pampering.

Marcella offers Tantric-Taoist bodywork sessions, also known as sensual, tantric or erotic ****** melbourne. She also provides Men’s Prostate ****** & Ladies Sacred Yoni ******, all sessions are beautiful in their own unique ways and are ideal for beginners and first time experiences. Her technique is gentle and guided, allowing you to fully relax and enjoy the experience in a soothing tranquil environment.
* Mens Prostate ****** Therapy including Guided Sessions for First Timers and adult toys melbourne.
Make sure your first experience is a positive one.

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电话: 0412 003 003
微信: 0412 003 003
地址: 200 Spencer Street, Melbourne






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