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Moonclub - Dandenong Brothel

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城市:Melbourne 墨尔本
电话:03 9793 5289

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作为墨尔本Dandenong的首选妓院之一,Moonclub Brothel为男士提供谨慎,一流的服务,以寻求乐趣,刺激和放松。
我们提供了来自许多不同民族的迷人女孩选择。 从年轻,充满活力到成熟和经验丰富,我们的迷人女孩都渴望取悦。 我们有很多新来者,但也可以满足那些回来寻找自己喜欢的人的需求。 无论您对丹德农的妓院有何偏好或期望,您的满意就是我们的首要任务。
以优惠的价格,私人的等候/介绍休息室,干净的房间以及有趣而友好的氛围,我们旨在超越期望! 无论您居住在Dandenong或附近还是更远的地方,例如Seaford,Hallam,Rowville,Springvale,Berwick,Braeside,Keysborough,Cranbourne,Pakenham或Frankston,我们邀请您参加,然后看看所有谈论的内容。 使Dandenong的Moonclub妓院成为您进行肉欲和色情按摩的首选。

As one of the first-choice brothels in Dandenong Melbourne, the Moonclub Brothel offers a discreet, first-class service for men in search of pleasure, excitement and relaxation.

We have a stunning selection of hot girls from many different nationalities. From young and bubbly to mature and experienced, our stunning girls are eager to please. We have plenty of new arrivals but also cater for those who come back looking for their favourite. Whatever you prefer or expect from a Brothel in Dandenong, your satisfaction is our number one priority.

With great prices, private waiting/introduction lounges, clean rooms, and a fun, friendly vibe, we aim to exceed expectations! Whether you live in or around Dandenong or further out such as Seaford, Hallam, Rowville, Springvale, Berwick, Braeside, Keysborough, Cranbourne, Pakenham, or Frankston, we invite you come in and see what all the talk is about. Make the Moonclub brothel in Dandenong your first choice for sensual and erotic massage.

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电话: 03 9793 5289
地址: 26 Rhur Street, Dandenong South VIC 3175






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