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Masstige 8

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所在城市:Sydney 悉尼
所在板块:[ 妓院按摩 ]
电话:02 9281 6188
地址:578 Harris St, Ultimo NSW 2007

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578 Harris St, Ultimo NSW 2007 (七天 10am – 5am, 近Powerhouse Museum)
Tel: 02 9281 6188

欢迎来到Masstige 8,在这里您将被邀请探索我们提供的众多卓越服务。 作为我们的客人,您将在我们豪华宁静的空间中尽情享受,同时享受最佳的服务和款待。

当您在我们和平的圣所中感到疑惑时,可受益于Masstige 8体验的振兴潜力。 在悉尼最独特的安逸庇护所之一,放松身心,恢复精神,恢复精神。 我们的目标是在轻松舒适的环境中提供感官体验。


Welcome to Masstige 8, Where you are invited to explore the myriad of exceptional services that we provide. As our guest, you will be pampered in our luxurious and tranquil space whilst enjoying the very best in service and hospitality.

Benefit from the revitalising potential of the Masstige 8 experience as you unqind in our peaceful sanctum. Rest your body, revive your mind and recharge your spirit at one of Sydney’s most exclusive well-being sanctuaries. We aim to provide a sensual experience in a relaxed and soothing environment.

Our highly skilled staff are ready to cater to all your needs-select a lady of your leisure and indulge yourself in one of our spacious guest rooms and allow your visit to melt away all the troubles of the day.

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电话: 02 9281 6188
地址: 578 Harris St, Ultimo NSW 2007






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