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Intimate Touch 在非常私密、非常独立的设施中提供高品质的感官按摩体验,仅限预约。 它不是按摩院,而是一个私人的、独立的环境,Angel 致力于为您提供感性、色情、亲密和“比性更好!”的体验。

Angel 保证为您带来极致的情色体验。 安排约会,以便没有两个客户同时离开或进入我的机构。


天使是亲密接触。 天使在她感性的环境中茁壮成长,从您进入她的领域的那一刻起,她将带您踏上终极色情快感之旅。 戏弄、挑逗、热油身体滑梯、扫胸等等。 Angel 拥有丰富的知识和专业知识,可以完美满足您的按摩需求。 虽然她有难以抗拒的性感一面,但 Angel 喜欢变化多端,并且可以像他们中最好的那样提供良好的治疗按摩。 完美主义者以她提供的东西为荣 Angel 是完整的包装,已成为必看的女士。

很可能她的照片不符合她的要求……Angel 是一位美丽的金发美女,带有浓烈的英国口音、粗鲁和性感。 她拥有健美苗条的身材,天生丰满。 无论她是穿着内衣和高跟鞋,还是什么都没穿,她的身体就是一个幻象。 她有多种服装可供选择(包括但不限于:护士、女学生、pvc、丝袜); 让想象力自由驰骋。



周一至周五:上午 11:00 - 晚上 9:00
周六:下午 01:00 - 晚上 09:00
周日:下午 01:00 - 下午 07:00

联系方式:021 075 4348

Intimate Touch offers a high quality sensual massage experience in a very private, very discrete facility, by appointment only. It is not a massage parlour but a private, discrete environment where Angel is dedicated to providing you an experience that is sensual, erotic, intimate and "better than sex!"

​Angel guarantees you the ultimate erotic experience. Appointments are arranged so that no two clients are leaving or entering my establishment at the same time.

Wellingtons Reigning Queen of Sensual Massage!

Angel IS Intimate Touch. Angel thrives in her sensuous surroundings and from the moment you enter her domain she will take you on a journey of ultimate erotic pleasure. Teasing, tantalising, hot oil body slides, breast sweeps and more. Angel has the knowledge and expertise to cater your massage session perfectly. Although she has a burning erotic side that is hard to resist, Angel loves variety and can deliver a good therapeutic massage like the best of them. A perfectionist with pride in what she offers Angel is the complete package and has become a must see lady.

It's quite possible that her photos dont do her justice... Angel is a beautiful blonde bombshell with a hot British accent, sass and sex appeal. She has been blessed with a toned slim figure and is naturally busty. Whether shes dressed in lingerie and heels or wearing nothing at all, her body is a vision. She has a variety of costumes available (including but not limited to: Nurse, school girl, pvc, stockings); let your imagination run wild.

Always playing the best of the Pink....

I am available at the following times:

Mon - Fri : 11:00 AM - 09:00 PM
Sat : 01:00 PM - 09:00 PM
Sun: 01:00 PM - 07:00 PM

Contact: 021 075 4348

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