Sefton Playhouse

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塞夫顿剧院(Sefton Playhouse)也被称为塞夫顿酒店(Sefton Hotel),是悉尼最早的脱衣舞俱乐部之一。 自1984年开业以来,它已成为澳大利亚和新西兰最成功的脱衣舞俱乐部! 它位于悉尼Sefton郊区,是西悉尼唯一的Premier Strip Club!

与我们友善的舞者保持亲密接触,让他们滑倒几把“跳舞的钱”,享受一次您永远不会忘记的体验! 这是下班后放松身心的理想场所,或作为夜间出游的最终目的地!

无论是大型聚会,产品发布会,特殊庆祝活动,还是只是为了早日聚会,Sefton Playhouse都是应有的地方!

Sefton Playhouse, also known as Sefton Hotel, is one of Sydney’s first strip clubs. Since opening its doors in 1984, it has become the Most Successful Strip Club in Australia and New Zealand! Located in the Sydney suburb of Sefton, it is the only Premier Strip Club in Western Sydney!

Get up close and personal with our friendly dancers, slip them a couple of ‘dancing dollars’ and enjoy an experience that you’ll never forget! This is the perfect place for that after work wind down, or as the final destination on a night out!

Whether it’s buck’s parties, product launches, special celebrations or just to party into the early hours, Sefton Playhouse is the place to be!

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 电话: 02 9644 2174
 地址: 54 Clapham Road, Sefton NSW 2162


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