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如果您对全方位服务感兴趣,请加入并与女孩们见面。在Kings Court,经理会招呼您,并在您进入之前进行检查(如果您在9PM之后抵达,则必须支付20美元的入场费)。女孩们将带您入座,每个女孩都会向您介绍自己。之后,经理将过来与您讨论您的预订-这是您应询问全面服务咨询的时候。经理会告诉您哪些女士愿意讨论全面服务,然后女士会私下与您交谈。


30分钟$ 165
45分钟$ 225
60分钟$ 285

添加15分钟的水疗中心需要额外支付35美元-这是Kings Court体验中最好的部分!


Full service is available at Kings Court by consultation.
Our primary business is nude erotic massage with a happy ending, but some ladies are happy to do extras and full service from time to time. We give the ladies the option to decide if they want to do full service on a customer-to-customer basis, so we can’t advertise which ladies will be available for full service at any given time. If the girl you like is not available for full service you can still enjoy a massage and happy ending with her.
How does it work?
If you’re interested in full service please drop in and meet the girls. At Kings Court you are greeted by a manager and screened before entry (if you arrive after 9PM there will be a $20 cover charge to get inside). The girls will take you to a seat and each of them will introduce herself to you; after that the manager will come over to talk to you about your booking – this is when you should ask about a full service consultation. The manager will tell you which ladies are open to discussing full service, and then the ladies will talk to you privately.
We take our health seriously, and we expect you to do the same. At the beginning of your full service session, the lady will perform a health inspection of your genitals so she can visually confirm that your skin is clear of signs of infection. Our ladies have regular sexual health tests, and we recommend you do the same. “Natural” or “bare back” services are not provided, and asking for this will result in the refusal of sexual intercourse; a bit like how you can’t talk about bombs at the airport, we have a policy of zero tolerance for discussions of unprotected sex.
Full Service Prices
30min $165
45min $225
60min $285
Add a 15min spa for an additional $35 – it’s the best part of a Kings Court experience!
Discounts that are advertised for massage bookings do not apply to full service.

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 地址: 261 Broadway, Glebe, NSW 2037
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