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自1997年开业以来,妇女就经营LeBoudoir。19年的经验使Le Boudoir能够了解游客的喜好,并使我们能够作为一个偏爱和谨慎的机构来经营。长期以来,勒布杜瓦(Le Boudoir)享有无可挑剔的声誉,拥有一些最好的女士,同时也是墨尔本最干净的场所之一。

重要的是,勒布杜瓦(Le Boudoir)是持照妓院,并遵守维多利亚州法律的所有条件。还需要注意的是,与世界上许多地方不同,对维多利亚州的性行业感兴趣的人选择自由地工作。

在我们门口的接待员欢迎您之后,您便可以在私人介绍的Le Boudoir遇见华丽而诱人的女士们。



Le Boudoir的CCTV和监控部门将安全性放在首位。


Women have operated Le Boudoir since opening the doors in 1997. 19 years of experience has enabled Le Boudoir to learn what our visitors like and enable us to operate as a preferable and discreet establishment. Le Boudoir has long enjoyed an impeccable reputation of having some of the best ladies but also as one the cleanest premises in Melbourne.

Importantly Le Boudoir is a Licensed Brothel and complies with all conditions of Victorian Law. It is also important to note that unlike many places in the world, persons interested in working in the Sex Industry in Victoria choose to do so freely.

After our Receptionist at the door welcomes you, you are able to meet the gorgeous and enticing Ladies at Le Boudoir by Private Introduction.

Visitors are not under any obligation to stay at the time of your visit but are welcome to return at another time.

Private undercover car parking is available.

Security is a big priority at Le Boudoir with CCTV and Monitoring.

You are invited to participate in our Membership. Our membership is extremely generous and details are available at Reception.

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 电话: (+61 3) 9415 8055
 地址: 81 Rokeby St, Collingwood, Collingwood, VIC 3066
 邮件: info@leboudoir.com.au
 网站: https://www.leboudoir.com.au


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